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Alex counts on others lifting her up

Alex Moore is the daughter of two actors, and someday she might even tell you they’re pretty cool people.  Born in Houston, TX in 1985, she grew up living life a bubble off center.  She constantly played dress up, wrote short scripts and acted out full shows with her teddy bears, who were never on mark.  She decided at that point perhaps she should make actual people-friends.

Our intrepid hero soon discovered a horrible secret: she was a nerd.  She loved reading (the horror!), video games (the shame!), and doing magic tricks (the….hats?).  

It wasn’t until after High School that Alex got into theatre.  She attended Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi and was one of only fifteen theatre majors at the time.  By the time she graduated in 2007, the department tipped the scales at 115 majors. 

In 2008, after holding down couches and doing community theatre and teaching summer acting classes for children for a year, Alex went on to Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX for graduate school.  This former coastal girl was suddenly planted in the middle of the desert with no water and no humidty. Think Little Mermaid with less singing sealife.  In her third semester, Alex managed to land two leading roles back to back and used the experience of both for her thesis.

She even managed to land her first professional acting gig before leaving with her MFA in 2011.  She’d be working with FoodPlay Productions and going on tour as a juggler.  Taught by professional juggler (and total sweetie) Michael Karas, Alex found herself performing for thousands of school children and teaching the importance of healthy eating habits as Janey Junkfood- Juggling Superstar!  Ms Moore developed a grudging respect for children’s theatre and broccoli.

Alex landed back in Texas afterwards.  She took up with Pegasus Theatre, who specialize in Living Black and White (TM) productions and the Texas Star Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre.  Needless to say, Alex is very fond of whodunnits and being suspicious.

She also works as a voice actor with Funimation Entertainment.  Her varied vocal range ('Look like Ariel, sound like Ursula') has landed her a slew of roles.  Check out her resume for a complete list!

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