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I'm primarily a voice actor and I. LOVE. CONVENTIONS.


No, seriously.  Love 'em.  I cosplay, too!  (check out my gallery!)


But what I love even more? Being invited to them!  It makes me feel like a big ol' princess.


I've only been a guest a handful of times, but I bet you can help change that.  


If you're a fan of mine (otherwise, why are you here?) Give your favorite convention this address and have them ask me! 

Head over to NHBooking  to ask if I can come out to play!


You can also ask Brilliant Arrow Booking!


Such a natural!
She's so emphatic!

MiniMini Con 2015

Where I've Been:


MiniMiniCon 2015 San Antonio

A-Kon 2016 Dallas, TX 

Hero Con 2016 Austin, TX  July 2-3

Pflugerville Comic-Con Pflugerville July 30

Delta H Con 2016, Houston August 19-21

A-Kon 2017 Fort Worth, TX June 8-11

Where I WILL Be:




Pflugerville Comic Con 2016 (Megumi Rooze, photographer)

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